Your free hug
sending service!


The idea

Sending a hug miles away is a hard task, but our service is here to help you!

With Hugo you can send a hug, that your loved ones will

really feel.

heart icon

Really feel?

Yes, exactly!

When you play our hugs, they vibrate the phone in your special pattern. So your dear ones can place it on their chest, to feel your act of kindness.

In just 3 steps
you can send your own hug!

Step 1

Record your hug pattern using our editor.

editor image

Step 2

Send the hug to your loved ones.
They will be able to play it up to 3 times.

send message image

Step 3

This step is for the other person.
All you have to do is press the play button and put your phone on your chest.

phone image

Easy as that!

So what are you waiting for?

Taking a break
Hello there!
Thank you so much for using my little app, and I hope I could bring some joy in these trying times. Unfortunately I have to discontinue the service for a while, because I don't have the money to keep the servers running at the moment.

Stay strong and spread some love! heart icon

This website was made for the 2020 DEV Hackathon

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